What are the things we love the most about a snack?
 Is it the light saltiness that

the BURST OF FLAVORS from a unique mix of spices,

or the CRUNCHY GOODNESS in every bite?

     All three combined produces our most favorite snacks.
 However, these treats often come along with unhealthy 
 preservatives and artificial flavorings that harm us.

     Where then do we find the perfect snack?
Well, it’s already in your hands! 
Crispy Mushroom Chips has all the good traits without the

unhealthy elements that drown the nourishing powers of

its natural ingredients. 

     Eat without guilt! It tastes better than chicharon! 
Crispy Mushroom Chips only gets the best of 
nature to bring out the true flavors of this delightful snack.

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CHILI 100 front.jpg

Our mushrooms go through a strict compliance of quality assurance; hand picked and evaluated by our skilled and experienced corporate social partners (we treat employees as partners! :D), to ensure the highest quality of products for you!

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If you love pickles, you'll love our pickled mushrooms! It's made to order so it's guaranteed fresh! It's not only delicious, it's also healthy!