Mom's Haus of Mushroom was established as a God-centered social enterprise with a mission to create jobs for the citizens of rural areas in the Philippines. Globalization and rapid progress are mostly experienced by urban cities. The country's economy has switched to relying on industrial produce to building infrastructure to facilitate modern changes and progress. While jobs have become more abundant in the cities, the countryside citizens struggle to make a living. In this instance, Mom's Haus of Mushroom aims to promote countryside jobs in accordance with the company's mission, "Live well together".

Living well together is part of the advocacy to induce income equality. The majority of the citizens of the rural areas are living below the poverty line. The concentration of jobs in cities has left rural areas with slow growth and progress. As an innovator and a social entrepreneur, Ms. Aurora Sumulong, the founder of Mom's Haus of Mushroom, empowers the agri-industrial industry. The mission is to create and offer additional jobs for the countryside citizens.

The growth of the mushroom production industry has aided Ms. Sumulong in her mission to support jobs creation. The Philippines has started to become fond of mushrooms. Occasionally, the Filipino people add mushroom to their cuisines. As such, the fungus has started to gain a reputation as an important addition to some dishes. In light of this fact, mushroom culturing has started to grow and provide job opportunities to the citizens of rural areas.

Ms. Aurora Sumulong is passionate about mushroom and has seen this opportunity to enact God's mission to provide support for the people in the provinces. These people receive a lack of financial support to establish their own source of income. As such, Ms. Sumulong, through Mom's Haus of Mushroom, uses her social entreprenuership inclination and passion about mushroom to increase to demand in the mushroom chips industry. The mushroom chips produced by Mom’s Haus of Mushroom symbolize the company's mission to produce and promote countryside jobs.


Mom's Haus of Mushroom is geared towards the promotion of sustainable “triple bottom line." The practices employed by the manufacturing industry directly affects the customers, local communities, and larger domains. Mom's Haus of Mushroom acknowledges the impact of manufacturing on these stakeholders. As such, the company commits to developing and utilizing sustainable strategies to reduce the harmful footprints of the manufacturing processes.

Social impact in manufacturing transpires in different stages of production. From the unit level process to enterprise-wide practices, the triple bottom line must be carefully considered. In the manufacturing perspective, the triple bottom line is composed of the environment, society, and the economy. In light of this fact, the company aims to contribute to the protection of the environment and society and to the growth of the economy.

Mom's Haus of Mushroom strengthens the mission to protect the environment by employing manufacturing processes that do not emit harmful carbon footprints. From mushroom culturing to the end of the product's life cycle, each pack is safe and does not contribute to the worsening pollution. Similarly, Mom's Haus of Mushroom protects society and the citizens from harmful substances that are present in the food chain.

The ingredients used in every type of product are natural and free from harmful chemicals. In addition, the herbs and spices that enhance the flavor of the chips are infused with extraordinary nutrition. As such, each pack of chips helps meet a person's dietary needs. The low-calorie and fiber-enriched products help maintain a healthy community.

One of the strengths of the company, as a social enterprise, is its ability to contribute to economic health. Mom's Haus of Mushroom helps reduce the unemployment rate in the rural areas by providing job opportunities for farmers and the rest of the countryside citizens. As such, the income inequality gap between the citizens of urban and rural areas has narrowed down.

Overall, Mom's Haus of Mushroom's competitive advantage includes developing and applying methods that create social impact on manufacturing.


As a social enterprise, Mom's Haus of Mushroom addresses unemployment prevalent in the countryside. The company gives job opportunities to small farmers. In addition, Mom's Haus of Mushroom sets an example to other social entrepreneurs. By upholding the mission, "Live Well Together", the company gives assistance to small farmers and commits to assist social entrepreneurs from distribution, manufacturing, and supply chain.

Small farmers often receive fewer benefits. They are also deprived of well-deserved appreciation and recognition. Mom's Haus of Mushroom does not only appreciate and recognize the calloused hands of farmers; the company also ensures they are assisted by empowering the agri-industrial industry. The growth of the agri-industrial brings more opportunities to farmers.

Focusing on the industry promotes job creations in the rural areas. The potential outcome of this social practice is to address unemployment in rural Philippines. Mom's Haus of Mushroom contributes to the growth of the agri-industrial industry by creating a demand for more mushroom products. More demands enable the industry to expand its labor force and bring more jobs to farmers.

The additional jobs available in rural areas can potentially close the gap between the rich and the poor. The advocacy has a significant impact on the lives of the farmers. Through the promotion of the agri-industrial industry, this workforce receives a decent income. Moreover, as the demand for agricultural products grows, the industry expands at the same time. More businesses will source out agricultural products for commercial purposes. This outcome has the potential to establish job security for farmers and rural areas' citizens. As such, the equal distribution of wealth will be achieved.

The agriculture value chain has numerous gaps. Mom's Haus of Mushroom also commits to helping social entrepreneurs in the industry prosper. The company imparts skills focusing on the generation of high-quality outputs and proper distribution system leading to healthy profits. Mom's Haus of Mushroom also connects the parties involved in the supply chain for a smoother and easier transaction. Mom's Haus of Mushroom makes a social impact through the hands of farmers.


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